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Art from India

Group of old Indian Temple Figures SOLD! Pechwai Paintings c. 1940’s very fragile silk mounted on archival paper In the style of Japanese paintings – there was a vogue for Japanese art in this period


Paper Spoons by Clare Goddard (UK) Paintings by Cenia Gutierrez Alfonso (Cuba) Gallos Santeros Sold! Chinese Ancestor Painting

Japanese Art and Artifacts

Old Bachimakura silk geisha pillow on lacquer headrest Old Samurai figure Backdrop: vintage strip woven Kente cloth from Ghana $400

Bandhani Textiles from India

Fine cotton kurtas By Abduljabbar and Abdullah Khatri of SIDRcraft The finely patterned detail of bandhani is created by tying with thread each tiny dot to create a resist pattern before dyeing. one size M/L – $299

Ethnic Jewelry

Old Afghani carnelian, African amber & copal , Nepalese seed beadsAfrican amber and copal, Nepalese seed beads Turkish “Olla” fine needlework SOLD! SOLD! Old Bronze Hair Ornaments from Mali & Bronze necklace from Togo Ethiopian silver & African trade beads


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